My dreams are still holding on

To everything that could have been

And what went wrong

I’ll be patient with myself

It’s alright

If I’m not ready to move on


Morning by morning
I wait for your glory
For joy that is coming, surely
I reach my hands out eagerly
But the train is in a hurry
And rushes past me

I sit by the side of the road
Let my weary head hang low
As I gather the courage to walk back home

I will search for you again tomorrow


“So also you have sorrow now, but I will see you again and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you.” John 16:22


This kind of trust
Is radical
It’s never too much
This kind of abandon
Is freeing
Casting out heaviness
Casting down feelings
This kind of creativity
Shouldn’t be contained, caged
Planted in my own identity
Or watered by self pity
It should be rooted in the soil of
Your glory
It should burst out singing
Wild and free
So let it flow freely
The way sadness does
But stronger
The way heartache does
But lasting longer
Open up my heart,
And let it spring up
Flowers, flowers, flowers
Open up my chest and grow a tree
Strong and mighty
Open up my lungs and make a garden
Lush and green
And from my throat
Let it flow
Mighty rivers,
Giving way to gentle streams
I am for you
You are for me

You Said You Would

You said you would

Be the one

To hold my right hand

To help me stand

You said you would

Be the one

To go before me

To fight my enemy

And I’ve finally come

To the end of me

I lay myself down and I

Trust you to provide

The sacrifice

You said you would

Be the one

Who’s always with me

You’ll never leave me

You said you would

Be the one

To show me true love

To teach me to love

You said you would

Be the one

And so I trust you

I trust you completely

And I’ve finally come

To the end of myself

And I need you most

Oh Holy Ghost

Oh Holy Ghost

I need you now

I need you most